It takes a team to make it happen!

The Friends of Veterans working with the community, members of veteran organizations, the Veterans Administration, and the city of West Palm Beach we plan, fund and execute the Veterans Parade and services at the South Florida National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

It requires a lot of effort, the dedicated work so may individuals year after year to honor our veterans, their service & sacrifices must never be forgotten!!

Meet the board 2021

    We want to take the time to remember some of our departed members that put so much of their time into making our events great over the past 10+ years. So much of what we have been able to accomplish over the years is due, in no small part to the efforts of the following: Dennis Kohler, George Fisher, David Knapp, Ron Qualls and Dee Beaver.

  • David Knapp: Past Chairman David Knapp
  • Dee Beaver: Auto Club Coordinator
  • Dennis Kohler:Founding member of of Friends of Veterans
  • Ron Qualls: Past Chairman
  • George Fisher